During the Pre-Grammar and Grammar stage, a child begins to show a personal interest in learning about his/her world!

Preschool- PreK classes are offered for Pre-Grammar. Students in Pre-Grammar are exposed to a modified Kindergarten curriculum.  Teachers encourage each student to discover and explore their world hands-on, in and out of the classroom.  Core subjects of math and pre-reading skills are the primary focus, with a schedule built in 15 minute increments to enable a concentrated focus and discourage stagnate moments. 

Sensory and tactile strategies are included, such as playing games, singing educational chants and songs, movement and art. Individual assessments with a concentration on the mastery of early childhood development ensures every child is meeting developmental benchmarks.  Half-day classes are offered MWF for Preschool. Full day or Half day classes MTWTF are available for PreK-Kindergarten based on individual need and parent preference.  

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Grades K - 5 continue to have an abundance of hands-on learning, as subjects become integrated with methods that include jingles and math manipulatives. As teachers encourage students to discover subjects more in depth, they begin to instill a desire for learning more.  Students are encouraged to "figure things out" and begin to think for themselves, as they explore topics of interest. 

Teachers share their personal excitement and experiences about different subjects, introducing fun facts and allow students to share their personal thoughts and reactions as well.  The academic experience is most important; quality not quantity is the focus.  Students return to the traditional "3 R's" to ensure a solid grounding in reading, writing, arithmetic and reasoning. Students in Grades K - 5 are assessed on a regular basis to ensure they are growing academically, mastering not only the subject at hand, but the art of learning.  


Faculty Serving PreGrammar and Grammar: Preschool, PreK and K through 5th grade