Our Vision

Appomattox Christian Academy, as a mission of St. Andrew’s Reformed Episcopal Church, is dedicated to impacting students’ lives through the ministry of education.  ACA strives to give families in the Central VA region a viable choice to provide quality, affordable, classical Christian education for their children.


Our Mission


To Be Classical -  To provide students with an excellent education in a challenging, well-ordered, safe, and nurturing environment, using a classical curriculum, based on: 

  • the Ancient Trivium,
  • the study of Latin, and
  • the Great Books of the Western Canon

To Be Christian -  To do this within an academic community grounded in historical Christianity.
To Be an Academy - To prepare students to face the challenges of life, while instilling in them a love of learning, and a desire to serve God and their fellow man, no matter their calling.

Our Theology


Our theology, preaching and teaching is Christian, Protestant and Reformed. 


Founded in Faith in 2003

Appomattox Christian Academy is a mission of St. Andrew's Reformed Episcopal Church. St. Andrew's REC was founded in 2003. The Reformed Episcopal Church, founded in 1873, is an Anglican church, descending directly from the Church of England, a leader in the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. LEARN MORE about our faith.



St. Andrew's REC is a church of the of the Diocese of the Central States, presided over by the The Rt. Rev. Daniel Morse, Bishop.  St. Andrew's REC invites all denominations to join their mission to provide a classical Christian education to the children of Appomattox and the surrounding rural regions.  Traditional Morning Worship Services, followed by Communion and Fellowship are offered every Sunday by The Rev. Davidson Morse at 10:30 a.m. LEARN MORE about the practices of the REC.