Regular Student Enrollment for Appomattox and regional residents, PreK, K through 12th grade

Due to the underwriting of St. Andrew’s Reformed Episcopal Church, we are able to offer significantly lower tuition rates. However, please keep in mind that the true cost for the quality education provided by ACA is not monetarily covered by tuition and fees. Subsidized funding is provided through diligent fund raising and donations.  Therefore, Parent and Student attendance is required at mandatory school activities/fundraising to qualify for financial aid and tuition discounts

First Tuition Payment due August 10 and thereafter on the 10th of each month through May 10 to reflect a 10 month payment cycle unless otherwise arranged.

Prior to April 30, 2017
Annual Tuition
Minimal Monthly Payment (10 Month)
K3, 3 Days: MWF, Half Day $1,300.00 $130.00/Month
Half Time (JrK - Kindergarten) $2,500.00 $250.00/Month
Full Time (K - 12th grade) $3,250.00 $325.00/Month
Beginning May 1, 2017 Annual Tuition
Minimum Monthly Payment (10 Month)
K3, 3 Days: MWF, Half Day $1,500.00 $150.00/Month
Half Time (JrK-Kindergarten) $3,000.00 $300.00/Month
Full Time (PreK - Kindergarten) $4,500.00 $450.00/Month
Full time (1st - 12th grade) $4,250.00 $425.00/Month
St. Andrew's REC Membership
Annual Tuition
Minimum Monthly Payment (10 Month)
Full Time (PreK - 12th grade) $3,450.00 $345.00/Month

Due upon enrollment:

  • Registration Fee: $125.00 per family. An application fee of $125.00 applies to new applications and is non-refundable.
Book/Materials Fee:
K3, 3 Days: MWF, Half Day $100 Per Student
Half Time (JrK-K) $100 Per Student
Full Time (K-12thgrade) $300 Per Student

The following items are not included in the Tuition or Book/Materials Fee and may require additional funding from the parents to ensure the student has appropriate materials for success in the classroom:

  • Lab/Curriculum Fees for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Driver’s Ed or any other class so deemed to require a lab fee.

  • Dual Enrollment Fees for additional College or AP Classes offered to Dialectic/Rhetoric Students.

  • Incidental costs such as field trips, special school events, special supplies, fun lunches, ice-cream and other such items.

  • Musical Instruments for Orchestra, Instructional textbooks for Orchestra, Cleaning supplies or other items pertaining to participating in the Orchestra Class.  Note:  4th -5th grades students are required to take Strings.  ACA has a limited supply of instruments to share with the students and parents should be prepared to rent/purchase an instrument for these grades.

  • Laptops, software and/or pads are strongly recommended for Dialectic/Rhetoric students and may be required for some classes.  ACA strongly recommends, all Dialectic and Rhetoric students have access to a computer and the internet to maximize their potential for success in upper level classes.