Grades 6th through 8th, now begin to develop their own sense of being and search "behind the scenes" to learn more about subjects.  They are curious to discover "why" and they enjoy debating.  Teachers gently guide this tender age to compare Biblical and World views to increase the student's understanding of our responsibility to answer God's calling and serve His purpose.  Classical methodology encourages critical thinking, exploring logic, and learning how to evaluate the subject at hand to form an opinion based on knowledge.  Core academics are stressed equally with discovery of the visual arts to encourage students to "find themselves" and their talents.  The Dialectic stage prepares students for the rigor demanded in the Rhetoric stage of studies.  Call ACA to LEARN MORE and visit a Dialectic classroom to discover if this is the education style your child needs!  434.352.7373

Dialectic Faculty serving grades 6th through 8th