A non-resident student is defined as a student who does not currently have residence in Appomattox County or the immediate surrounding counties in Central Virginia.  Out-of-Area, Out-of-State or International Students are encouraged to apply for admission at the Academy and are required to submit a formal application to begin the enrollment process.

Full time student annual tuition (K-12): $5,200.00 per student*

Due upon enrollment unless otherwise arranged:

*These fees do not cover incidental costs for field trips, special school events, supplies and etc., as per the student contract.

Due Upon Enrollment:

  • Registration Fee: $125.00/ Family

  • Books/Materials Fee:

    • Half Time (PreK-K): $100 per student.

    • Full Time (K-12): $300 per student.

(In the event a student retains his/her books as personal property, additional costs may incur. )

The following items are not included in the Tuition or Book/Materials Fee and may require additional funding from the parents to ensure the student has appropriate materials for success in the classroom:

  • Lab/Curriculum Fees for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Driver’s Ed or any other class so deemed to require a lab fee.

  • Dual Enrollment Fees for additional College or AP Classes offered to Dialectic/Rhetoric Students.

  • Musical Instruments for Orchestra, Instructional textbooks for Orchestra, Cleaning supplies or other items pertaining to participating in the Orchestra Class.  Note:  4th -5th grades students are required to take Strings.  ACA has a limited supply of instruments to share with the students and parents should be prepared to rent/purchase an instrument for these grades.

  • Laptops, software and/or pads are strongly recommended for Dialectic/Rhetoric students and may be required for some classes.  ACA strongly recommends, all Dialectic and Rhetoric students have access to a computer and the internet to maximize their potential for success in upper level classes.