Graduation Requirements

Appomattox Christian Academy has two graduation paths: Standard Diploma or Advanced Diploma

The standard diploma is intended for students that fit into the following categories:
1. Transferred students from another school or homeschool.
2. Students with Special needs or Learning difficulties.

The advanced diploma is encouraged for all students and represents the main goals of ACA.

Classical Language: Standard diploma requires a minimum of one Latin credit if another language has already been taken; otherwise two credits of Latin are required. The Advanced Diploma requires three credits; two of which must be Latin.

Logic: All students are required to obtain one credit in formal logic.

Rhetoric: All students are required to obtain one credit in formal rhetoric/thesis studies.

Mathematics: All students are required to have four credits of mathematics with a minimum of Algebra II/Trigonometry. Unless Special needs exist and accommodations for level have been made.

Humanities: Consisting of literature, history and bible. Students must complete four credits for literature and history as well as two credits for bible. One year of Omnibus provides one credit for literature and history and .5 credit for bible. Other bible electives may be taken in addition to Omnibus.

Science: All students are required to complete three credits of science including General/Earth or Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry. Advanced requires Physics or Advanced Biology/Anatomy.

English Composition: All students are required to complete two credits of Progymnasmata as well as a Thesis/or College English credit.

Physical Education: All students are required to have a minimum of one credit of P.E. This does not include Driver’s Education.

Fine Arts: All students are required to obtain one credit of Fine Arts. This may be fulfilled by Orchestra, Choir, Visual Arts, Photography or Drama. Advanced Shakespeare does not count toward this requirement.

Electives: All students must obtain one elective credit. Elective choices vary per semester.

*Advanced Diploma: One college level course (three credits) must be obtained; options include: College Composition; Calculus, Pre-Calculus; Physics; Public Speaking; Speech & Debate; or any college level Science with a lab.