The New Covenant Scholarship Foundation works in conjunction with the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit Program.  Donors who give to the Foundation are able to claim the gift on both federal and state taxes as a charitable contribution PLUS receive a tax credit of 65% of the donation amount to offset any state tax liabilities.  The Scholarship Foundation disburses funds to means-tested students who would not be able to afford a private education without help.  Contributions can be made by individuals and businesses. 

Giving is easy, and often has dramatic tax benefits to the donor.  There are a few easy steps you must take to participate.  

Contact your tax advisor to see if this contribution is right for you.

Consider maximizing your gift.  Individuals who take a qualified minimum distribution from their IRA’s can see greater benefits with a direct roll-over to the Foundation. Ask us how.

Contact the Development Office here  or call 434.847.8313 to speak with Dayna Renalds, the Director of Development.  She will help you register with the Commonwealth and answer your questions.