Two Campuses.

One Mission.


"ACA continues to be humbled by the support and encouragement we have received in our community," explains Mrs. Stacey Torrence, ACA Head of School, "The purpose of the ACA-LBC satellite location is to provide continued opportunity for growth while supporting the existing Dialectic (Middle) School and Rhetoric (High) School in a safe and well-ordered environment conducive to learning."



Grades 9th through 12th, are now coming of age and with that they are truly discovering themselves and beginning to understand God's calling to serve His purpose. 

The Rhetoric stage requires much rigor in all core academics, as students must now support what they believe to be true with facts and not just personal opinions.  They must now truly answer the question "why."  

Ideas must be supported with research and expressed with a mature understanding of both Biblical and World view as they prepare for the next stage, leading to the level of University. 

Students are concerned with what is happening in the world around them and desire to express their thoughts and concerns. 

Teachers guide these students to an even greater understanding of the world they live in, by ministering to them and instilling a life-long love for learning. 

The goal of the Academy is ultimately to produce integrity filled adults, ready to face the challenges of today's society, both the known and unknown. 

We know what we are, but not what we may be...
— Shakespeare
#WeAREACA - Friends are made here!

#WeAREACA - Friends are made here!



ACA graduates have been accepted to and attended such colleges and universities as…

ACA graduates have been accepted to and attendedsuch colleges and universities as....OUR GRADUA.png